Starke Arvid Plasterboard ChipperThe machine that chops up your plasterboard waste into bite-sized pieces. The Chipper is extremely mobile and creates smart systems on your construction site with the waste bin, big bags, chutes or the Chipper placed directly to a container or skip.£2000 + vat
UIS Clean CutKlauke Portable Hydraulic Pump & Wheeler Rex 2990 Clean Pipe Cutter Cracker£1250 + vat
Hilti FerroscanPS200S & PS200M Ferroscan Rebar Concrete Measuring System Scanner Kit£4000 + vat
UIS Click Stick Portable Hydraulic Pipe Breaker Klauke AHP700L Battery Pump. Unused£999.99 + vat
Klauke AHP700L Portable Hydraulic Battery Powered Pump. Unused£800 + vat
Hilti FerroscanPS200S & PSA100 Ferroscan Rebar Concrete Measuring System Scanner Kit£5000 + vat
Ogura 110v HPC-20Hydraulic Hole Puncher Punch, with 18mm Punch & Die Set Fitted£750 + vat
EPP Europress 20t Hydraulic Puller Spreader Set£800 + vat
Beck 12" BCJ1250 Pneumatic Clustajet Fume Extractor Secomak Air Ventilator Fan. Quantity available£250 + vat
SA CYCLONE PNEUMATIC SAV 20 High-Performance Efficient Venturi Air Mover Fan. Quantity available.£250 + vat
23ft Springer Narrow BoatRecently overplated where required. Thorneycroft inboard Diesel engine. Fully shot blasted (all over) back to bare metal & sprayed using Jotun Jotamastic Paints. £13,500