Leica TCRA 1105Newly calibrated & perfect working order.3999.99 + vat
Leica TCR 805Newly calibrated & in good working order.2999.99+ vat
Topcon RL-VH3ARotating Red Beam Laser Set. Top of the range Level. In good working order.1000 + vat
Air RoverAir Rover Large Mobile Portable Air Conditioner XL18EX1200 + vat
Pfaff Mini Maxi conveyorComplete set of 3 x 3m 110v Conveyors complete with cables. in good used working order.SOLD
Ugo Razor Deck 200The Ugo Razor Deck is a one piece, self-erecting, flat-packing work platform.550 + vat
Starke Arvid Plasterboard ChipperThe machine that chops up your plasterboard waste into bite-sized pieces. The Chipper is extremely mobile and creates smart systems on your construction site with the waste bin, big bags, chutes or the Chipper placed directly to a container or skip.2000 + vat
EA Ultra TEV Plus+Multi-functional PD Ultrasonic Detector Investigation Tool. Complete with Ultrasonic Contact Probe. Good Working Order. Requires calibration.2000 + vat
Titan Cool Model: TC21Titan Cool by Prem i Air Large Mobile Portable Air Conditioner800 + vat
Anritsu S331CSitemaster Cable & Antenna Analyzer,SOLD
Ambirad Tornado 600 Indirect Gas Space Marquee Heater Propane. Quantity in stock.600 + vat
Clare PAT TesterClare B255 Electrical PAT Tester Portable Appliance Tester. Requires calibration. Good working order.450 + vat